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The editor of Snakeskin gave me a great shout-out prior to the publication of my four-sonnet sequence, “Expanding Notes”, recently.

There’s a weird kind of freedom that arises from taking on this kind of project. Standing on the shoulders of the writers I quoted, I found I had a view I wouldn’t normally have.  I was allowed to express sentiments in collaboration with them, sentiments I would not normally have considered expressing myself.

Expanding Notes” was published in Snakeskin #179, August/September 2011.

I haven’t yet composed any music for these sonnets. They are assembled in the order they were written between August and October last year. As has often been the case over the last six years, I have been given valuable assistance in editing these on an online poetry workshop, Eratosphere. Another online poetry workshop which has been very useful is The Sonnet Board.

Patrick Gillespie has seen this as an example of good contemporary verse written in rhyme and metre.

Here’s another acrostic sonnet. Apart from the acrostic being exact with regard to capital letters and small letters there are two other unusual patterns. See if you can find them!

My Master Sonnet

My master sonnet is the soul of wit,
yet explication needs a beady eye.
My yen to write is at the heart of it;
all sentimental aspirations lie
sequestered as I see I am inclined
to forge a kind of metrical device
exactly showing what is on my mind:
reward arises if you read it twice.
So I have planted equal rows of fun,
observant of the laws of sonnetry,
not in the hope of winning any fame;
no, concentrated, I designed a game,
easy to play – note that it comes free –
the perfect gift for poets. Anyone?