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The editor of Snakeskin, George Simmers, gave me another great shout-out just recently.

Two days later, yesterday, he published I Sing the Sonnet, a collection of 36 sonnets, Snakeskin, December 2011.

The only sonnets that are previously unpublished are the four aphorism acrostics of the last sequence, “Looking for Gold”, which I have composed in the last six weeks. I don’t normally publish work so soon after composing it, but I’ve made an exception here. They seem to be finished. As with my other sequence of four aphorism acrostics, “Expanding Notes”, I haven’t composed music for these as yet.

Quite serendipitously, I published the last of the others that was unpublished last Thursday. I had no idea before a week ago that he was going to publish my collection, and it was only with his blog post that I was alerted to its immediate publication.

It can be printed off and made into a pamphlet.

I’ll be taking a time-out to celebrate. I hope to see you again in the New Year.