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Here’s an early sonnet, published in my collection, Red Moon. I wrote it at my family’s holiday house just outside Kenmore (in Perthshire in Scotland) on 8th December 1985.

The Druid

  I was drowsy in bed
  when the authorities on me
set their ravenous bitch.

  But I tamed her, so
  they took her away
and left me so poor rich.

Later on that hound returned
  and sat upon my belly.
She was warm, and I was free;
  we soon turned into jelly.
But our sexual sport disturbed
  our ever-present neighbours;
she decided she would go
  and left me to my labours.

If you’re wondering how line 2 is scanned when this is to be spoken rather than sung, it’s an anapaestic dimeter with two elisions:

when th(e) auTHO/(ri)ties on ME