At the end of my first calendar year of blogging here’s a brief round-up of significant things I did in it.

13th March
I wrote my first song in Danish. It’s called “En stalkers klage” (“Stalker’s Lament”). My intention is to get a couple of colleagues to sing/play it in 2013.

16th May
Ann Bilde 098
I celebrated my silver wedding anniversary with my wife, Ann Bilde.

6th, 8th 10th, 12th, 13th, 23rd August

I performed seven concerts at The Festival of Spirituality and Peace in St. John’s Church in Edinburgh, four of them ticketed.

18th-25th August

I attended a course in Edinburgh in conjunction with The International Book Festival.

16th-23rd September
I visited Galway (for the first time) and Dublin with a class.

6th-12th November
I visited Paris along with a large number of my colleagues.

My poetry publications
“Futures Unknown” in Snakeskin #185, March 2012
“A Giraffe Among Jackals” and “The Real Pity” in Angle Issue 1, 2012
“The Bad Dancer” in Snakeskin #187, July 2012
“On Papsie’s 89th Birthday” in Snakeskin #188, August 2012
“The Whisperings Within” in Angle Issue 2, 2012
Spotlighted at The HyperTexts

Breaking news
My poetry collection From Moonrise till Dawn – a cycle of 128 poems that I have been working on for the past 25 years – is going to be published as an e-book by NordOsten Books.