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This song came out of the blue, but I did find Kevin Kline splendid as Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, like an impersonation of Shakespeare himself. And, while I’m no expert in Shakespearean pronunciation, it did strike me as weird that Oberon pronounces the middle letter of ‘Titania’ as a long ‘a’.

Thanks are due to Josephine Holm Bjerg, a student of mine at Frederikshavn Gymnasium, for performing Titania.

Bottom Line

Bottom:      When your crown weighs you down
ggggggggggand each gown makes you frown,
ggggggggggthen this clown from the town
gggggggggggggwins your charms.

ggggggggggWhen the crowd gets too loud
ggggggggggand you’re bowed under cloud,
ggggggggggthen you’re proud you’re allowed
gggggggggggggin my arms.

gggggggggggggQueen Titania,
gggggggggggggthere’s a plan you
gggggggggggggcan’t say yes to,
gggggggggggggthat oppressed you
gggggggggglest you guessed it’s best to
ggggggggggtest your destiny.

gggggggggggggQueen Titania,
gggggggggggggI’m the man you
gggggggggggggcan’t say no to,
gggggggggggggwho you go to –
Titania:       Oh, my Romeo!
Bottom:                                – to
ggggggggggshow your poetry.

Titania:       I hate that bastard,
ggggggggggHe’s always plastered.
ggggggggggThat’s not on.

ggggggggggHe thinks it’s smart
ggggggggggand super cool
ggggggggggto break my heart,
ggggggggggthe stupid fool.