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I was asked to do a review of Ars Picturae – Ars Poetica by Rafal Olbinski & Ian Lukins (BOSZ art, 2018) for Anglo Files, the journal of DATE (The Danish Association of Teachers of English). It’s now online at Stride Magazine. I’m adding an extended version here, which includes all three of the paintings that I’ve turned into songs: Olbinski Ars Picturae. Ian Lukins Ars Poetica. columned

I performed these three songs at the Danish book launch in Aarhus on 16th May, where I met Ian Lukins for the first time:




A video was made of the event, but my presentation of the three paintings/poems/songs didn’t make the cut. I also opened and closed with two of my own songs, and as it was my wedding anniversary (and we were married in Aarhus) I sang two songs that celebrate my first meeting with my wife: “The Sweetest Duet” (music by Christian Jensen) and “No One Else But You”. Clips from both are in this video:

And the full version of the final song is here: