Am C E Am x 2   Dm F6 C Dm x 2   Dm F6 Am Am C E Am Am

hhAm                     Dm
I used to think the world was mine;
hhhhG7                   Am
whatever happened, I’d be fine;
hhhF6                    Dm            Am        E         E
by some design the sun would shine on me.
hhhAm                    Dm
But now I’ve learnt it isn’t so
hhhG7                        Am
as rain pours down and ill winds blow
hhhF6            Dm   Am        E         E7
the cover over all I know to sea.

hhhC                   G         E         Am
It used to be so warm inside my shell,
hhhhF6                         Dm             Am        E
but that was where the storm would hide as well.
Dm                   A
Every spark of northern lightning
Dm                 A7
in the dark is more than frightening;
F6       F6  Dm A7    A7
I just break apart.
Dm                  A
I’ve no lack of understanding:
Dm                  A7
every crack of thunder’s landing
F6     Dm F6    A7      A7
on my naked heart;
F6 Dm A7       Dm      Dm
on my naked heart.

I used to think I understood
things better in my solitude;
alone, I could be wise and good and free.
I used to think it made me strong
to eat my heart out all night long:
but each new song betrays how wrong I’d be.

It used to be…

It’s fair enough you all ignore
the ‘welcome’ sign stuck on my door;
I’m on the floor still looking for the key.
I think it would be opportune
if I could find it pretty soon:
but no cocoon means no immunity.

It used to be…

hF6       A7       Dm
…on my naked heart.