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At StAnza 2011

I’ve been booked by the Festival of Spirituality and Peace to play four concerts in Edinburgh on 6th, 8th, 10th & 12th August at 4pm each day.

They will be printing 10,000 programmes, where my event, “My Naked Heart”, will be described as follows:

“Melodic and melancholic songs on acoustic guitar by Scottish singer/songwriter, Duncan Gillies MacLaurin, who has now lived in Denmark for over two decades. He portrays the natural beauty of where he resides on the west coast of Jutland, pays homage to poets such as George Mackay Brown and Wilfred Owen, and paints the contours of his own personal vision. A complimentary pamphlet of his lyrics will be provided on entry.”

It will also be put on the Festival’s website with links to five of my songs: “The Bard That Sang Stromness”, “The Wanderer”, “Streets of Gold”, “My Naked Heart” and “The Story So Far”.

Hope to see you there then!

P.S. My friend, Michael Boyd, turns 50 on the day of my final concert, and he features in a poem/song I wrote called The Fringe, 1980, published in Snakeskin, October 2008. He can’t be there unfortunately, but I’ve promised to dedicate “My Naked Heart” to him.

P.P.S. I’m only planning to sing two of my sonnets, but one of those is “Just Rain”, my sonnet for Maz, aka Margaret Griffiths.