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(R) = Recited    (S) = Sung

I Sing the Sonnetan e-pamphlet, 51 sonnets, in Snakeskin #238, March 2017

From Moonrise till Dawn: A Cycle of Poetry and Songs, an e-book, 128 individual pieces, 2013

I Sing the Sonnetan e-pamphlet, 36 sonnets, in Snakeskin #182, December 2011

A review of the above:
Tim Love:


Desire” in Candelabrum, October 2007 (S)

“Shades of Venice” (“Horror Vacui”) in The Shit Creek Review, October 2007 (editors’ favourites)

“Shades of Venice” (“Horror Vacui”) & “Dunderhead” in The Chimaera, May 2008 (S – not saved here)

“L’Homme Révolté” in Snakeskin #158, September 2009 (S)

“Just Rain” in The Barefoot Muse #10, Spring 2010 (S)

“Regret” in 14 by 14, March 2010 (S)

“Still Life” in Snakeskin #163, April 20 (S)

“I Sing the Sonnet” & On Esperance Bay” in Lucid Rhythms, I/ 2010 (S)

“Lisa Leaving” on Esbjerg Gymnasium’s website (S)
Here on gists

“No Bloody Way!” in The Flea, March 2011 (R) (S)

“The Four Motives” (“Expanding Notes”) in Snakeskin #179, August/September 2011 (editor’s favourite)

“Revelation” (S)
(first published in Candelabrum, April 2003)

“Who Needs an Easy Love” (S)
(first published in Quantum Leap, 2003

“Remorse” (S)

“The MUV Affair” (S)

“The Magic Garden” (S)

“Four Callings” (S)

“My Master Sonnet”

“The Big Smoke” (S)

“Misfit” (S)

“Mama’s Little Boy” (S)

“Mum’s the Word” (S)

“On Our Silver Anniversary” (S)

“Looking for Gold” 
 in Snakeskin #182, December 2011

“The Druid” (S)
(first published in Red Moon, 1987)

“The Four Oracles” in Snakeskin #185, March 2012

“On Papsie’s 89th Birthday” in Snakeskin #188, August 2012

“Pusher of Dreams” in Snakeskin #192, January 2013

“The End” in Angle, Issue 3, 2013

“The Four Virtues” in Snakeskin #206, April 2014

“Chess with Monsieur Joffroy”
(first published in Chess, January 2015)

“Look! We Have Landed!” in Snakeskin #220, July 2015

“The Kind Old Moon” in Snakeskin #224, December 2015

“Bio” in Snakeskin #232, August 2016

“Melancholic” in Snakeskin #235, December 2016

“The Psychology of Chess” in Snakeskin #263, July/August 2019


5 haiku in Lishanu, September 2005
(link defunct)

“Air”, “On Søren Jessen’s Sand”, “On Paper” & “Bags of Time” in The Chimaera, October 2007

“On the Quiet” with Christian Meonia George, 2008 (S)
(first published in Candelabrum, October 2002)

“The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 1980” in Snakeskin #148, October 2008

“The Wanderer” in Snakeskin #158, September 2009 (S)

“The Dipsomaniac” in The Flea, May 2011 (R)

“A Thin Slice of Lemon”, Scarriet, August 2011

“License to Grill” (S)

“Internal Memo” (S)


“My Naked Heart” (S)

“Black Cloud” (S)
(first published in Quantum Leap, February 2003)

“The Way We Were Before” (S)
(first published in Quantum Leap, November 2003)

“Cat” (S)
(first published in Anglo Files, September 1998)

“The Balladeer” (S)

“Inspiration” (S)

“The Bard That Sang Stromness” (S)

“A Giraffe Among Jackals” and “The Real Pity” in Angle, Issue 1, 2012

“Christmas Letter” in Per Contra, Summer, 2012
(1st published in Quantum Leap, November 2005)

“The Bad Dancer” in Snakeskin #187, July 2012

“The Whisperings Within” in Angle, Issue 2, 2012

“Smoke” in Snakeskin #192, January 2013

“Hedgehog” in The Passionate Transitory, Issue 3, Spring 2013

“After the Flood” in Snakeskin #200, September 2013

“Cock-crow III” in Angle, Issue 4, 2013

“The Wee Wifie” in Snakeskin #207, May 2014

“The Poetry of Chess” in Snakeskin #217, April 2015

“Erato in the Wings” in Snakeskin #243, September 2017

“A Thin Slice of Lemon” in Snakeskin #247, January 2018

“Thin Rags Seek Love” in Snakeskin #259, March 2019


“A Modern-Day Icarus” in The Shit Creek Review subzine, II, July 2007

“An Anglo-Scot in Denmark” in The Chimaera, October 2007

“The Horror of Yeats and Hughes”, The Shit Creek Review, October 2007

“Teaching Poetry Nowadays”, The Chimaera, September 2008
Linked on Capelen Damm’s website, “Access to English Literature”:

“An Ex-Pat Reports on StAnza”, Scottish Review of Books, April 2011 – republished as:
“A Short Odyssey: An Ex-Pat Reports on StAnza”, Scottish Review of Books, January 2013
“A Short Odyssey”, EMU Engelsk, April 2011 – link defunct, but online on Gists:

“Forever Green”, Scarriet, 5th August 2011

“The Angels Are Winking: A Memoir from Galway and Dublin”, Gists, 10th October 2012

“Ben Okri in Edinburgh and Cape Town”, Gists, 22nd October 2012

“Cryptic Structures in Farjeon and Stallings”, Gists, 17th April 2017

“Owen, Sassoon, Barker and Me”, Gists, 4th November 2018


“Loopy Lupin” in Stride Magazine, May 2010

“Surreal Look-ins” in Stride Magazine, May 2019


“The Spirit of Bannockburn & The Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014”


Red Moon
, a collection of 35 poems, Merlin Books, Braunton, 1987

“Faith” in Candelabrum, 1991

“Trust” in Romantic Renaissance, April 2002

“Sparrow” in A Bard Hair Day, April 2002

“Vision” in Romantic Renaissance, July 2002

“By the Sea” in Poet Tree, July 2002

“Moonrise”, “Sunset”, “Twilight” & “Dawn” in Poet Tree, January 2003

“Earth” & “Water” in A Bard Hair Day, October 2003

“Amber Moon”, Quantum Leap, February 2004

“Like the Stars” in A Bard Hair Day, April 2004

“Black Sun” in island, Autumn/Winter 2004

“From Moonrise till Dawn”, in Zimmerzine, 2005

“Apology” & “A Dedication” in Concise Delights, Winter 2009


Spotlighted on The Hypertexts

“By the Sea”, “Trust”, “The Sweetest Duet”, “On the Quiet” “Hope”, “Horror Vacui“, “Dunderhead” & “With You” in Ann Bilde, Kvinden med den Smukke Have (The Woman with the Beautiful Garden), 2011


The Passionate Transitory, 2013


Hans Tyrrestrup, Fra ordets palet / From the Palette of Words, Attika 1999